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Weekly Tai Chi Classes in Reading

We offer Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes in Reading (Berkshire) on Tuesdays and Sundays. They are a combination of gentle movement and mindful breathing making you feel aligned, relaxed and energised. The classes are suitable for all ages and abilities, everyone is welcome!

Our Beginners Course is perfect for those who have never done Tai Chi before or learned it long time ago and want to refresh their knowledge. The course is structured and progressive, giving you the opportunity to learn (or discover!) the foundations of Tai Chi. Groups are closed (no drop-in classes) and small creating a relaxed atmosphere and deep experience.

We also provide private lessons for those students who prefer one-to-one guidance. They are ideal if you prefer personalised instruction to progress at your own pace or if you want to learn another style of internal or external Martial Arts.

Bring balance to your life

Tai Chi is a soft style of martial art designed to develop one’s ability to coordinate mental power, internal energy (Qi) and body movement to bring balance to your life.

Gentle movement, breath alignment and a state of calm is developed through the practise of this traditional form of Chinese Martial Art.

starting in April 2024!

Benefits of practising Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a low-impact form of exercise. It consists of a series of circular movements that flow without pausing. During the activity the muscles are relaxed and the joints bent. It is a mind-body practise, with deep breathing through the exercise, bringing full attention to the present moment. The regular practise of Tai Chi has several health benefits:


It improves general mobility and flexibility.


Tai Chi helps proprioception (ability to sense the position of one’s body in space) helping to reduce falls.


Tai Chi is sometimes described as “meditation in motion”. It helps to relax the mind, feel more grounded and reduce stress levels.

Muscle strength

It improves of both your upper and lower body strength.

Join our Tai Chi classes and start feeling its benefits!

Although Tai Chi is a martial art of great depth of knowledge, you can easily start learning it today.
And who knows? Maybe it could be the perfect activity for the rest of your life!

What our students say about us

Based on 18 reviews
Albert Toussaint
Albert Toussaint
If you're going to learn Tai Chi and Qigong, you'll want to learn from someone experienced, knowledgeable and also a good teacher. Jerry ticks all those boxes! He teaches you what to do, how to do it, and also why. His extensive experience of Tai Chi, Qigong and Martial Arts enables him to demonstrate, in great detail, the method, benefit and purpose of each step. If you have ever been thinking of taking a form of exercise to balance and strengthen both mind and body, then this is for you.
Chris White
Chris White
I am really enjoying both the 10 step Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Jerry is great teacher. His approach allows his small class to gain confidence quickly. He starts simply and then patiently helps us to improve our form so that it starts to become instinctive. I am 7 lessons in and have already signed up for the follow up course and look forward to the experience ahead.
I am near the end of the beginners course and I have learnt so much in the last 7 weeks. Jerry is an amazing teacher, who really breaks down each move and explains the concept behind them. I really enjoy these classes and have signed up for the next stage of my Tai Chi journey. Thanks Jerry!!!!
Christina Bachini
Christina Bachini
I have just finished my first course of Tai Chi with Jerry and I learnt so much and really enjoyed his style of teaching. I am a complete novice but his encouragement and patience really helped me to gain confidence. Looking forward to the next series of classes, Thank you Jerry you are a master.
Esther B
Esther B
Jerry is a very knowledgeable and thorough instructor. He breaks down the movements so it’s easy to follow along. The classes are a combination of Qi Gong and Tai Chi forms. Friendly bunch of people and relaxed atmosphere. 100% recommended!!
I am absolutely loving the 10 step beginners Chi Gong and Tai Chi course. I look forward to it every week. The 8 week course is well paced and Jerry is a great teacher, he breaks each move down very well. I had tried to learn from a DVD before but a beginners class is definitely the way to go. Small class sizes of 6-9 people in a well sized room. A real mix of ages and abilities. I would definitely recommend this course
Debbie Sheward
Debbie Sheward
Jerry has in depth knowledge of chi gung and tai chi forms, and years of experience as a teacher of martial arts. He is very skilled at helping both beginners and more advanced students to develop at their own pace, and gives individual help as needed. Our classes are friendly and enjoyable, and I always leave feeling glad to have seen my classmates again, and that I’ve learned something new
Alice Hollis
Alice Hollis
I've loved every moment of the beginner's Tai Chi course and am super excited to begin stage 2. As a detail-orientated person, I love how Jerry dedicates a lesson to each move - breaking down the component parts, before demonstrating the martial arts application so you can visualise how it all comes together and why. A fabulous little class that runs at a great pace, with ample opportunities to ask questions and recap.
Adrian Leeming
Adrian Leeming
Jerry is a great teacher, he encourages questions and breaks down movements responding to how various students are progressing. Also, he shows how the the tai chi form movement would be used in self defense, to give context to the moves and help understanding rather than just seeming to be waving hands. Which I have not come across with other instructors and certainly a few of us have commented that its really useful.
Paul O’Loughlin
Paul O’Loughlin
Absolutely wonderful! Jerry has been my teacher since the late 1990s, teaching me an extensive wide range of traditional Chinese martial arts, both internal and external, which have been an integral part of my life, physically, emotionally, and psychologically. He is the most amazing teacher, and has an endless amount of knowledge to give… Simply the best, and a true teacher, you have to give his classes ago, you really must, a new journey awaits!

Sounds interesting?

If you are interested in joining our Beginners Course, regular weekly classes or simply have a question, don’t hesitate to drop us a line!